Sport Truck USA Inc is now offering several showroom poster and flyer options to enhance your store's appearance and promote our different product lines. These posters and flyer packs are available to new and current Sport Truck USA Inc customers. See below for more information on each and contact your sales rep to order yours.

Showroom Poster Packs: First are new showroom poster packs featuring (3) attractive brand-specific posters. These new showroom poster packs are designed to be a backdrop for displaying product on slat walls or shelves. There are (2) kits available, each includes (3) 48x72" high quality, full color prints and 12x48" matching headers

  • BDS Suspension, Zone Offroad, JKS Mfg Poster Pack #22093
  • Zone Offroad, JKS Manufacturing, FOX Poster Pack #U9093

BDS RECOIL Traction Bar Poster: Looking for a better way to display your RECOIL traction bars for customers? BDS has a 20x78" vertical display poster to go in your showroom. *RECOIL bars sold separately.

BDS Product Flyer Packs: BDS offers printed product flyers to promote various products for all current makes and models. These 2-sided full color printed flyers come shrink wrapped in 25-count packs perfect for use in your showroom or at events. Current flyers include:

  • BDS Lift Systems & Accessories (All Makes/Models) #22116
  • Chevy/GMC Trucks (All GM, 1969-2016) #22117
  • Dodge/RAM Trucks (All RAM, 1969-2016 ) #22118
  • Ford Trucks (All Ford, 1975-2016) #22119
  • Jeep Vehicles (All Jeep, 1953-2016) #22120
  • Jeep Wrangler JK (2007-2016) #22121
  • Toyota Trucks (All Toyota, 1995-2016) #22122
  • FOX Shock & Coilover Systems #22123
  • RECOIL Traction Bar Kits (All Makes/Models) #22124