WHY BDS Suspension?

The aftermarket suspension industry has seen many changes throughout the years. In the beginning, the industry based itself on three steps of distribution–the warehouse, the jobber and the customer. Competition kept the manufacturers hustling to release innovative, high quality products. Warehouses provided unique support services to better serve the jobber, and the jobber was set apart by customer service and expertise.

Then manufacturers began selling directly to the consumer, warehouses ran company owned retail outlets, and mail order companies were established. The traditional jobber struggled to survive, and growth at the independent store level ceased. The experts at retail customer service and product knowledge closed their doors, unable to compete on price alone. In an industry where vehicle suspension was becoming more complicated with each new model year, the expert was being forced out of business. Bad for the customer and bad for the industry.

That is when the owners of BDS Suspension saw an opportunity to provide a quality product and true customer service. We are owned and operated by people deep in experience in the light truck suspension industry and have been involved with every suspension manufacturer in the business.

BDS Suspension operates with one guiding premise–to provide true value to the customer by manufacturing the highest quality product at a competitive price, distributed and serviced by the premiere jobber/installer expert!

6″ IFS Systems w/ NX2 Struts 2014-2018 Chevy/GMC 1500 & SUV from BDS Suspension

By TJ Jackson | April 8, 2020

BDS Suspension adds to its extensive lineup of lifts and accessories for the ’14 Chevy/GMC 1500 trucks and SUVs with upgraded NX2-series gas struts standard in the base 6″ IFS Systems. These NX2-struts offer improved performance on and offroad with multi-stage valving designed to react to changes in terrain. Finished in a durable gloss silver, these full length NX2 struts are designed for use with the factory springs and provided top mounting plate to work with the rest of the BDS systems for 6″ of lift with no need to add strut spacers. These struts are now standard equipment in 6″ High Clearance IFS Systems for the 2014-18 GM1500 Trucks and 2015-18 GM1500 SUVs.

Upper Control Arm Kit for 2014-2018 Chevy/GMC 1500 from BDS Suspension

By TJ Jackson | April 7, 2020

BDS Suspension adds to its lineup of heavy duty upper control arms (UCA) with new kits available for the 2014-2018 Chevy/GMC 1500 model trucks equipped with stamped steel and aluminum control arms. These UCAs are designed for improved strength, great looks, and increased suspension travel out of your stock, leveled or lifted GM 1500 vehicle. These UCAs join the existing #121151 arms for 2007-2016 GM1500 applications with cast steel to offer full coverage for all 2014-2018 GM1500 models regardless of factory configuration.

COULD YOU BECOME A BDS Suspension Authorized Distributor?

BDS Distributors are carefully selected by BDS Suspension. Their goal is to find, honest, experienced, retail installers that are 4WD enthusiasts. They look for shops, committed to the 4WD market with a reputation for good customer service. [ MORE ]


"This is the JK that established our relationship because my customer was very insistent on using BDS products. Before this I was purchasing online and it was driving me crazy. I couldn't be happier with the service and parts I've received from Truckmaster Dist. and look forward to a profitable future."

John D Gibson, Palace Chrysler Accessories, Lake Orion, MI


"You'll make good money, won't have to fight mail order, have an exclusive territory and the warranty is the best in the business!"

Donny Dolezal, Mile High Jeep Rebuilders, Denver, CO


"Quality products, competitive prices, excellent warranty...This is what the jobber/retailers needed to compete with mail order."

Tom Heyob, Off Road Center, Miamitown, Ohio


"At Jim's Off-Road Center we ab"use" what we sell on our own vehicles before we sell it to our customers. We are very impressed with the quality and price of the products we have gotten from the BDS Suspension Company. See ya in the woods."

Greg Griffith, Jim's Off-Road Center, Oak Ridge, Tennessee


"BDS Suspension has shown that they care about both the customer and the jobber. They build a quality product and they stand behind it, what more can you ask for? Thanks guys!"

Dave Coco / General Manager, Planet Powersports, Coldwater, MI


"I am now able to compete profitably with the big shops and offer something unique that they don't. BDS is never out of stock so I can complete the sale. BEST OF ALL, I can be 100% confident that they will stand behind a great product line!"

Chris Camboni, East Valley Truck Accessories, Apache Junction (Phoenix), AZ


"If I had to summarize what BDS means to our organization, the word would be VALUE! The line is high quality, innovative and priced right. BDS is an integral part of our business plan and our sales prove that it is working."

Trae Sipe, Hoak's 4 Wheel Drive Center, Wrightsville, PA


"We love it, it makes us money, it works, end of story!"

Wayne Caldwell & Ron Crisp, Tarheel 4WD Center, Charlotte, NC


"I stock the full line, center my advertising around it, and stay current on all new products they release; BDS isn't magic, it's just good business!"

David Harmon, Harmon's 4 Wheel Drive, Tulsa, OK


"BDS has made us competitive. The addition of their Correct Application Valving shock line made it simple to sell and one of the best riding and handling systems on the market."

Mike & Claudette Schnoblen, Mumbly's Off Road Inc., Clinton Township (N. Detroit), MI


"BDS is easy to do business with! The parts fit, the order fill rate is outstanding, I get the best technical help instantly and the lines of communication are always open. BDS offers me profit, not problems!"

Glenn Schatroph, North Shore Off Road Centre, N. Vancouver, British Columbia, CA