Sport Truck USA continues to offer quality aftermarket products for offroad enthusiasts. One of the latest additions to their distribution offerings is the new Magellan eXplorist TRX7 Offroad GPS Navigation. Engineered to be so much more than just another GPS unit, the TRX7 uses a large 7" touchscreen and intuitive interface to help you navigate thousands of scouted OHV trails across the country. This all-weather navigation device offers a superior experience with 2D/3D mapping options, more than 100,000 searchable OHV trails, the ability to recording your route and backtrack your way out, several safety features and an ever-growing community of crowd-sourced trails. This intuitive navigation device is perfect for any truck, Jeep, or UTV looking to get out and explore with confidence.

Magellan TRX7 Features:

  • 7" HD Touchscreen Extra-large High definition color touchscreen to easily view while navigating.
  • Ruggedized IP67 Casing Drop and shock resistant casing that is also water and dust proof.
  • Detailed Basemap Views A 2D Topographic view with contour lines and a high resolution (10M) 3D Terrain view of USA and Canada help determine elevations and land features.
  • Over 100,000 Preloaded Designated OHV Routes Covering forest and public lands.
  • Intuitive Interface Ready to go right out-of-the-box. With one or two touches users can record a trail, save a waypoint, share socially, save a trail, Backtrack and more.
  • Off-road Waypoint List Waypoint types and marker sets for off-roaders to easily mark meetup locations, scenic views, campsites, obstacles, and more.
  • Easily Record Custom Waypoints When stopped record custom waypoints using current location, GPS coordinates and more. Name and add audio, photos and descriptions. Waypoints are visible on a saved trail.
  • Safe Waypoint Creation For safety when moving the TRX7 limits a user to select only a waypoint type – keeping attention on the trail. Once stopped users can enter custom waypoint data.
  • One-touch Social Sharing Link a Twitter account and press the # button while navigating to send a tweet showing your location and Dirt Miles driven along a trail.
  • Backtrack Anywhere along a trail hit the backtrack button to route your vehicle back to the current trail's starting point.
  • Off-track Notification TRX7 notifies user when veering of a trail it is recording to help the user get quickly back on the trail.
  • Custom Trail Ranking System Mark if a trail requires 4 Wheel Drive, road conditions, terrain types, pitch, roll, and more to calculate the trails difficulty. Once ranked a trail can be published to the online trail database.
  • Online Community Trail Database Searchable database where TRX7 users can discover new crowd-sourced trails, view trail difficulties and observations from fellow off-roaders, and see satellite basemap layers to help plan their off-road adventures.

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Available Products:
Magellan TRX7 Navigation w/ Windshield Mount
#MAGTN1700SGLUC - $649.99 msrp

Magellan TRX7 Navigation w/ RAM Mount
#MAGTN1705SGLUC - $679.99 msrp