Staff Directory

Management Team

Mark @ x705

Mark Meldrum

Vice President & General Manager
Ext: 705

Mike @ x150

Mike Maloney

V. P. New Business Development
Ext: 150

Matt @ x208

Matt Everline

Director of Engineering and Operations
Ext: 208


Michael Scicluna

Director of Accounting
Ext: 706

John Slagle

Plant General Manager

Darrell Snyder

Manufacturing Manager
Ext: 502

Kyle Leeds

Product Manager
Ext: 205

Human Resources & Payroll

Jody @ x709

Jody Dodd

Human Resources Manager
Ext: 709

Tina Merrell

Talent Acquisition Specialist
Ext: 713

Angie Lash

Talen Acquisition Associate
Ext: 714

Lindsey Esterline

Human Resources Assistant
Ext: 710

Outside Sales Team

Justin @ x131

Justin MClean

Midwest & Northeast Region
Cell: 517.617.6909

Randy @ 517.317.4257

Randy Pratt

Northwest Region
Cell: 517.317.4257

Kevin Stearns

Southwest Region
Cell: 517.317.4376

Jennifer @ 517.617.0761

Jennifer Borrow

Texas Region
Cell: 517.617.0761

Inside Sales Team

Miles @ 517.617.9698

Miles Henderson

Inside Sales Supervisor
Ext: 140

Jason Shellhaus

New Account On-boarding & General Sales
Ext: 110

Jason Goodwin

General Sales
Ext: 610

Josh @ x144
Josh Mannes

General Sales
Ext: 144

Justin @ x153
Justin Schabloski

General Sales
Ext: 153

Tyler @ x172
Tyler Willison

General Sales
Ext: 172

Cody @ x167
Cody Eldridge

General Sales
Ext: 167

Nathan Moore

General Sales
Ext: 118

Jason @ x145
Jason Smith

General Sales
Ext: 145

Josh Beckhuesen

General Sales
Ext: 135

Everett @ x179
Everett VanEvery

General Sales
Ext: 179

Andrew @ x146
Andrew Dupuis

General Sales
Ext: 146

Jerry Dibean

General Sales
Ext: 122

Corey @ x123
Corey Rider

General Sales
Ext: 123

Jamie @ x180
Jamie Reed

General Sales
Ext: 180

Codi Basse

General Sales
Ext: 147

Technical Support Team

Andy Hazel

Lead Tech - JKS Manufacturing
Ext: 165

Jeremy @ x164

Jeremy Gauss

BDS Suspension, Zone Offroad & RT Pro UTV
Ext: 164

Randy @ x166

Randy Wilson

BDS Suspension & Zone Offroad
Ext: 166

Marketing Team


Steve Chryssos

Director of Marketing
Cell: 516.536.6628

Carter Reed

Marketing Manager
Ext: 250

Jeremy Gladding

Marketing Supervisor
Ext: 224

Derek @ x181

Derek Booher

Photographer / Graphic Designer
Ext: 225

Shellie Wheaton

Events & Media Planner
Ext: 740

Nate @ x230

Nate Smith

Video Production Specialist
Ext: 230

TJ @ x181

Tom 'TJ' Jackson

Web Services Specialist
Ext: 181


Elias McConnell

Marketing Coordinator- Promotions
Ext: 226


Mark Westdorp

Social Media Coordinator
Ext: 227