It’s been about a year and a half since Sport Truck USA Inc (home to BDS Suspension, Zone Offroad Products, JKS Manufacturing, and 4x4 Posi-Lok) moved out of our former 45,ooo sqft facility and into our current 70,000+ sqft home right down the road in Coldwater, MI. The new larger space allowed for more floor space and taller racks, increased office space and extra acreage for future growth. While the new space offered great opportunities for the future expansion, that future is here and it only took a year to outgrow our current space. Construction is underway to add an additional 30,000 sqft of warehouse space to keep up with current demands. The new space should be functional Spring 2014.

With this expansion we’ll have over 100,000 sqft stocked full of suspension lifts and offroad accessories so we can continue to guarantee parts are in stock and ship the same day. We appreciate all the support over the years and looking forward to continuing to serve our customers in the future.

Effective November 1, 2013, JKS Manufacturing products are no longer available from TransAmerican Wholesale, 4Wheel Parts retail stores and 4WD Hardware mail-order and wholesale departments.

Please refer to jksmfg.com for a list of dealers and wholesalers who purchase and re-distribute genuine JKS parts.

Correction to previous statement found on this page:

As pointed out by TAP Worldwide legal counsel. TAP Worldwide has only sold authentic JKS manufactured parts and that TAP Worldwide has not and does not sell “imitation” JKS manufactured parts or “cheap imported knock offs” as JKS manufactured parts.

JKS and Auto/Diesel students

JKS Manufacturing makes its first appearance at the Branch Area Careers Center (Coldwater, MI)  in the Auto/Diesel Tech program.

JKS and Auto/Diesel students
Auto/Diesel Tech students at the Branch Area Careers Center with JKS JK-8

For the 4th consecutive year Sport Truck USA, Inc. has shared one of its show vehicles with the Auto/Diesel Tech program at the Branch Area Careers Center for their 10 grade tour day. The BACC uses the 10th grade tour day to show off the programs and what they offer to juniors and seniors who attend Branch County, Michigan, area schools.

The JKS JK-8 was on hand for the event and had students asking a lot of questions about the vehicle and the parts we make. Each year the Auto/Diesel Tech program tries to assemble 3-4 custom vehicles to create some “WOW” factor and to show potential students what a career in Auto and Diesel Technologies has to offer.

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FMVSS No.126 Compliant Badge

FMVSS No.126 Compliant BadgeIn an effort to reduce the risk of rollover crashes the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) established the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 126 requiring all new passenger vehicles under 10,000 lbs GVWR include an electronic stability control (ESC) system as standard equipment. FMVSS No. 126 tests new vehicle ESC systems through a series of evasive lane-change maneuvers at highway speeds to ensure the driver can maintain control in critical driving situations. Effective August 2012 this law requires aftermarket products to be compliant with these same standards.

With the new requirements in place, SEMA reached out to aftermarket manufacturers to test kit compliance of products. The initial investment to test compliance is large, so many companies have chosen to self certify their products without any formal engineering analysis. BDS Suspension and Zone Offroad, however, have been on the industry forefront working towards independent verification of all applicable suspension kits to show compliance with the new standards. Currently many of the Jeep, Dodge, and Ford suspension kits have been verified compliant and other applications continue to be tested periodically.

This accomplishment is just a small representation of the larger investment by the Sport Truck USA team to produce the safest and highest quality products on the market today. For additional information on this and other quality products available log on to our website at sporttruckusainc.com. BDS Suspension and Zone Offroad Products are divisions of Sport Truck USA Inc.

Zone Offroad FMVSS No.126 testing BDS Suspension FMVSS No.126 testing BDS Suspension FMVSS No.126 testing

COLDWATER, Mich. — Sport Truck USA, Inc., based in Coldwater, Michigan has acquired JKS Manufacturing, a privately owned company located in Alliance, Nebraska.

JKS developed the original sway bar Quick Disconnect™ system and specializes in manufacturing innovative suspension products for Jeep® vehicles. Recreational and competitive Jeep enthusiasts know the JKS brand and products for their reliability and versatility.

“This acquisition will assist us in our ongoing efforts to strengthen our position as the leader and premiere provider of choice for Jeep® aftermarket products,” President of Sport Truck USA Steve Olmstead said. “JKS is widely respected as a result of their continued commitment to excellence and quality. Bringing JKS into the Sport Truck USA family will afford us greater flexibility in offering more products, making the buying process simpler for our customers,” Olmstead said.