Friday (August 28th 2020) from 12pm to 5pm

We will be holding a job fair at 491 W. Garfield Rd in Coldwater MI 49036

If you know anyone looking for a new career please encourage them to come see us this Friday!!

Onsite interviews will be available for weekend warehouse positions.

To apply for the following positions please go to and apply under the jobs tab in the lower left of the page by following the links. An internal job application is also required and should be submitted to HR.

  • 1st shift Shipping (Warehouse) Supervisor (1)
  • 1st shift Manufacturing Supervisor (1)
  • Graphic Assistant (1)
  • Product Development Engineer (1)
  • Quality Engineering Technician (1)
  • Inside Sales Representative (1)
  • Customer Service Technician (1)
  • Commodity Manager (1)
  • Accounts Receivable Clerk (1) 

For the following positions submit a resume and internal job application to HR.

If needed please see HR for specific instructions, job requirements/descriptions. You visit the Current Job Opening HERE.


  • Receiving Clerk (1)                                    (schedule M-F, 8a-5p, Plant 1)
  • Shipping Clerk (1)                                     (schedule M-F, 9a-6p, Plant 3)
  • Packaging Clerk (6)                                   (schedule M-TH, 6a-5p, Plant 1)
  • Packaging Clerk (6)                                   (schedule F-Sun, 6a-6p, Plant 1)
  • Production Scheduler                              (schedule M-F, 8a-5p, Plant 1)

If you have any questions please let me know, 517-278-1022.

Kind Regards,
Tara Strong


Sport Truck USA Dealers and Customers,

As this pandemic continues to reek havoc on both the public health and safety as well as the economy of this country it is clear that every business has been affected. With that said we thank all of our dealers and customers for their continued support and patience during this difficult time. The state of Michigan has extended and expanded its Stay Home, Stay Safe order which is now in affect through the end of April. While this has forced us to take additional measures to limit staffing across every department, the silver lining here is we are still open for business and are beginning to ship product daily again.


Shipping Resumes – As we resume shipping orders we will still be doing so with a very limited staff. The backlogged orders have begun to be processed first in the order received up through the new orders being placed. While this will take some time to get caught up, please allow for up to 7 business days at this time for in-stock item orders to ship out. Some orders will ship the following day. It’s all based on daily volume and order sizes. Obviously this will improve as we work through the backlog of orders.


Business Hours –  Business hours have been updated to Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm EST. Our sales, tech support, shipping, marketing and accounting departments will be available. It should be noted that email continues to be the preferred method of communication as the majority of staff is working remotely.


Staffing – At this time several temporary staffing changes have been made. If your sales representative is currently not available another has already been assigned to you temporarily and will be monitoring all emails hourly. You are welcome to continue sending your emails to your regular sales rep, the emails will be forwarded to the sales rep currently handling the territory. Please see the list below of available sales staff currently available to assist.


General Sales – | |

General Tech Support – |

General Marketing – |


Inside Sales - Jason Shellhaas | Chris Lytle | Nate Moore | Brandi Raymond | Jason Goodwin | Josh Mannes | Mike Maloney

Tech Support - Andy Hazel | Randy Wilson

Outside Territory Reps - Miles Henderson


Thank you,

Sport Truck USA Management



Yesterday we announced the suspension of all on-site activities at Sport Truck to comply with Michigan’s COVID-19 Stay Home, Stay Safe order, view announcement here. While this means a delay on shipping of new orders placed, our other sales, tech and customer service departments are available to assist you. Our shelves are stocked so if you can wait for your product we look forward to shipping orders our as soon as possible.

Distributor Inventory Exchange: For others that need product now we would like to act as a mediator to support the exchange of product between our distributors. This is an opportunity to help your fellow off-road shops stay open while helping your own situation. Turning your old and or current inventory into cash while we aren’t able to ship could be a win for all of us.

If you are willing to participate, please send your BDS(FOX), Zone Offroad, JKS Manufacturing and RT Pro UTV inventory list to Sport Truck Sales (use the LINK below). This could be one box kit or full kits, don’t down-play the help a single part number could do for someone over the next few weeks. We will combine each list supplied and distribute to the rest of the Sport Truck sales team.

As retail requests and distributor requests come in we will be able to connect them to stocking dealers with to negotiate a deal. Selling price is completely between you and the shop/consumer. Sport Truck will simply be acting as the “connection”.

We have created an excel file that can be downloaded and used for locating items by Number, Brand, Dealer Name or Zipcode. This file can also be used as a template to get your inventory added to this list. Click the link below to download the newest version of the Distributor Inventory Exchange excel file. Please check this website/file location below often for updates as we bring on more updates from our partners.


If you have question, concerns and or suggestions please contact Mike Maloney.

Thank you,

Mike Maloney
VP Sales & Marketing
Sport Truck USA

Stay Safe, Stay Informed.
Keep up to date on the latest information exclusively at


Here at Sport Truck, we value our employees, customers, and distributors above all else. However, given the recent exponential spread of COVID-19 in Michigan, we will be temporarily shutting down all on-site activities, including shipping through at least April 13th. We will continue to provide as much remote service as possible, including a sales and tech support team to take orders and answer questions. Every sale will be shipped in the order it was received once we can safely resume operations. Our knowledgeable sales staff will be working safely from home and the best means of communication will continue to be through email. For a list of contact emails click here.

Since March 24, when the governor-issued Stay Home, Stay Safe Order went into effect, we have continued to manufacture and ship product with only 20% of our regular workforce. Those dedicated employees have worked with premium pay, on a voluntary basis, to ship current orders as quickly as possible.

While the state mandate has allowed Sport Truck to continue operating at minimal capacity as an essential business in the “Automotive, Transportation, and Logistics” sector, we cannot, in good conscience, continue to send staff into our facilities to manufacture or ship our products while the virus is a real and imminent threat in our area.

We understand not all our competitors will comply with these warnings and make these tough decisions. We ask for your understanding and support during this temporary closure. We are looking forward to getting back to business as soon as possible and to providing the quality product and service you expect.
We believe that keeping our employees home at this time is the right decision to do our part to help eliminate the spread of the virus, protect our employees, and support our local and state healthcare systems.

Stay Safe, Stay Informed.
Keep up to date on the latest information exclusively at


COVID-19 Notice – Sport Truck USA Inc. and its affiliate brands remain open for business. For the safety of our employees, their families and our community along with compliance with recent Michigan orders we will be operating with limited staffing with several employees working from home to do their part to support day-to-day operations. Email is be the best form of communication during this time. We are shipping product and will do our best to ship product out quickly and on schedule. Shipping carriers are running at limited capacity during this time. We apologize for any delays and appreciate your patience. Be safe and stay informed.

Key Differences

  • Limited staff in the office along with many working remotely
  • All departments are running but with limited staffing
  • Normal hours
  • “Same day” shipping remains our goal, however delays need to be expected.
  • E-mailing is currently the most efficient method of communication
  • Please refer to the website for your sole source of updates

Sales –
Marketing –

This letter is to inform you (our dealers) that due to rising component costs, we have been forced to impose a price increase on all Zone Adventure Series UCA kits.  While we never like to raise prices, we have exhausted all our options to reduce production costs with this product group while maintaining the design, features, and functions that make them desirable to our customers.  As part of this increase, we have also standardized the retail price across the entire UCA product group.  All UCA kit prices will now be $499.95 msrp. This increase is live as of 8am Monday, 4/23/18. We will honor previous pricing on orders in the system prior to this time:

#D2301 – 06-18 Ram 1500 4WD
#C2310 – 07-13 Chevy 1500
#C2300 – 01-10 Chevy 2500HD
#C2312 – 11-18 Chevy 2500HD
#T2300 – 07-18 Toyota Tundra

Because of these increases, the following Adventure Series Lift Systems will also be affected:

2007-2013 Chevy/GMC 1500
#C29N 3.5" UCA Lift Kit – Now $799.95 msrp
#C2350 – 07-13 Chevy 1500 4wd 3.5in Box Kit ($651.20)
#C30N 3.5" UCA Lift Kit – Now $699.95
#C2351 – 07-13 Chevy 1500 4wd 3.5in Box Kit ($551.20)

2011-2018 Chevy/GMC 2500HD
#C37N (3" UCA Lift Kit w/o top overloads) – Now $849.95 msrp
#C38N (3" UCA Lift Kit w/ top overloads) – Now $849.95 msrp
#C2311 front box kit - Now $577.47 msrp

2001-2010 Chevy/GMC 2500HD
#C31N 3" UCA Lift Kit– Now $953.23 msrp
#C32N 3" UCA Lift Kit– Now $953.23 msrp

2012-2018 RAM 1500 4WD
#D59 3.5” Combo Kit – Now $728.90 msrp
#D49 2” Lift System – Now $588.95 msrp

2009-2011 RAM 1500 4WD
#D60 4” Combo Kit – Now $804.94 msrp
#D48 2.5” Combo Kit – Now $664.99 msrp

2006-2008 RAM 1500 4WD
#D61 4” Combo Kit – Now $830.94 msrp
#D48 2.5” Combo Kit – Now $664.99 msrp

2007-2018 Toyota Tundra
#T6N 3.5" UCA Lift Kit – Now $877.59 msrp

Sport Truck USA continues to offer quality aftermarket products for offroad enthusiasts. One of the latest additions to their distribution offerings is the new Magellan eXplorist TRX7 Offroad GPS Navigation. Engineered to be so much more than just another GPS unit, the TRX7 uses a large 7" touchscreen and intuitive interface to help you navigate thousands of scouted OHV trails across the country. This all-weather navigation device offers a superior experience with 2D/3D mapping options, more than 100,000 searchable OHV trails, the ability to recording your route and backtrack your way out, several safety features and an ever-growing community of crowd-sourced trails. This intuitive navigation device is perfect for any truck, Jeep, or UTV looking to get out and explore with confidence.

Magellan TRX7 Features:

  • 7" HD Touchscreen Extra-large High definition color touchscreen to easily view while navigating.
  • Ruggedized IP67 Casing Drop and shock resistant casing that is also water and dust proof.
  • Detailed Basemap Views A 2D Topographic view with contour lines and a high resolution (10M) 3D Terrain view of USA and Canada help determine elevations and land features.
  • Over 100,000 Preloaded Designated OHV Routes Covering forest and public lands.
  • Intuitive Interface Ready to go right out-of-the-box. With one or two touches users can record a trail, save a waypoint, share socially, save a trail, Backtrack and more.
  • Off-road Waypoint List Waypoint types and marker sets for off-roaders to easily mark meetup locations, scenic views, campsites, obstacles, and more.
  • Easily Record Custom Waypoints When stopped record custom waypoints using current location, GPS coordinates and more. Name and add audio, photos and descriptions. Waypoints are visible on a saved trail.
  • Safe Waypoint Creation For safety when moving the TRX7 limits a user to select only a waypoint type – keeping attention on the trail. Once stopped users can enter custom waypoint data.
  • One-touch Social Sharing Link a Twitter account and press the # button while navigating to send a tweet showing your location and Dirt Miles driven along a trail.
  • Backtrack Anywhere along a trail hit the backtrack button to route your vehicle back to the current trail's starting point.
  • Off-track Notification TRX7 notifies user when veering of a trail it is recording to help the user get quickly back on the trail.
  • Custom Trail Ranking System Mark if a trail requires 4 Wheel Drive, road conditions, terrain types, pitch, roll, and more to calculate the trails difficulty. Once ranked a trail can be published to the online trail database.
  • Online Community Trail Database Searchable database where TRX7 users can discover new crowd-sourced trails, view trail difficulties and observations from fellow off-roaders, and see satellite basemap layers to help plan their off-road adventures.

Click for Magellan TRX7 Full Product Information

Available Products:
Magellan TRX7 Navigation w/ Windshield Mount
#MAGTN1700SGLUC - $649.99 msrp

Magellan TRX7 Navigation w/ RAM Mount
#MAGTN1705SGLUC - $679.99 msrp



Attention All ST USA Customers:

The new BDS NX2 shock line was launched in July of 2016 and has had incredible success to date. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the new line our 5500 hydro series has experienced a significant decrease in sales. After careful consideration, we have decided to discontinue both the 5000 series shocks and steering stabilizers. This does not affect the Zone Hydro shock series.

In consideration, ST USA is waiving all restock and re-box fees on qualifying returns. If you choose to return any of your current stock you may do so based on the following guidelines:

  • Obtain a RMA number from your salesperson prior to returning the product
  • All qualifying returns must be received to ST USA Inc by March 20th, 2017. No returns will be accepted after this deadline.
  • All product must be in “new, sellable” condition.
  • Products purchased over 1 year ago DO NOT qualify for return.
  • All credits will be applied to your account for future purchases. No refunds will be given.
  • All returns must be shipped “freight prepaid” with the RMA number clearly displayed

Please contact your salesperson with any questions or RMA requests. 800-637-3303


Thank you all for such a huge success of the new BDS NX2 shock series! We look forward to working together to ensure a great 2017!

Sport Truck USA Inc is now offering several showroom poster and flyer options to enhance your store's appearance and promote our different product lines. These posters and flyer packs are available to new and current Sport Truck USA Inc customers. See below for more information on each and contact your sales rep to order yours.

Showroom Poster Packs: First are new showroom poster packs featuring (3) attractive brand-specific posters. These new showroom poster packs are designed to be a backdrop for displaying product on slat walls or shelves. There are (2) kits available, each includes (3) 48x72" high quality, full color prints and 12x48" matching headers

  • BDS Suspension, Zone Offroad, JKS Mfg Poster Pack #22093
  • Zone Offroad, JKS Manufacturing, FOX Poster Pack #U9093

BDS RECOIL Traction Bar Poster: Looking for a better way to display your RECOIL traction bars for customers? BDS has a 20x78" vertical display poster to go in your showroom. *RECOIL bars sold separately.

BDS Product Flyer Packs: BDS offers printed product flyers to promote various products for all current makes and models. These 2-sided full color printed flyers come shrink wrapped in 25-count packs perfect for use in your showroom or at events. Current flyers include:

  • BDS Lift Systems & Accessories (All Makes/Models) #22116
  • Chevy/GMC Trucks (All GM, 1969-2016) #22117
  • Dodge/RAM Trucks (All RAM, 1969-2016 ) #22118
  • Ford Trucks (All Ford, 1975-2016) #22119
  • Jeep Vehicles (All Jeep, 1953-2016) #22120
  • Jeep Wrangler JK (2007-2016) #22121
  • Toyota Trucks (All Toyota, 1995-2016) #22122
  • FOX Shock & Coilover Systems #22123
  • RECOIL Traction Bar Kits (All Makes/Models) #22124